About Us

Since being established in 1995, Whitten Landscaping, Inc. has earned a reputation as of one Cape Cod’s most-respected landscaping design and construction companies. Owned and operated by Craig and Nicole Whitten of Yarmouth Port, Whitten Landscaping specializes in both commercial and residential landscape design and construction. We also offer wide-ranging maintenance options. We have an experienced, expert staff that’s large enough to readily handle larger, commercial projects and is equipped with a large fleet of vehicles and the latest equipment. But with Cape Codders at the helm, and out in the field, we never lose that crucial personal touch.

Whitten Landscaping takes pride in offering its clients exceptional work that’s beautifully and efficiently completed. As people who call Cape Cod home, we also fully appreciate the need to preserve the Cape’s delicate natural environment. In the years since we started our company, incredible advances have been made in creating effective environmentally-friendly and organic lawn care products. Whitten Landscaping offers a wide range of chemical-free fertilizer and pest control programs. We take operational steps wherever possible to reduce our company’s carbon footprint and also recycle our lawn clippings.