Make Off Season Planning Season for Your Cape Cod Landscape

While it may seem counter-intuitive to spend time considering your Cape Cod landscaping in the winter months, long, cold nights and a lighter social schedule make it the perfect time to think about the changes you’d like to make to your outdoor living spaces. And with perennial plantings and deciduous trees dormant, and any annuals Read More

It’s Planning Season for Your Cape Cod Landscape

Planting perennials, and trees and shrubs, in the middle of the summer is a tough task. The heat makes it difficult for a newly-planted flowering perennial or tree or shrub to thrive and the current lack of rain is making that especially true this year. But planning right now – when your gardens are at Read More

Climbing to New Heights: Add Impact to Your Cape Cod Lands cape with Climbing Vines

Nothing can make a landscape look flat than a garden with no height in it. Unlike trees, a climbing vine can add height to an area within just one season. They’re also a space efficient method of creating impact virtually anywhere; on the side of home, around an arbor close to the street, to camouflage Read More

From Sunshine to Full Shade: 6 Foolproof Plants for a Cape Cod Landscape

Whether it’s the way your home is positioned or the presence of mature trees and tall hedges, it’s likely that your yard is a combination of full sun, part shade and shade locations. When it comes to placing flowering plants, you can’t fight Mother Nature. Put a flowering plant that craves sunshine in a shaded Read More

Is Your Cape Cod Landscape Ready for Spring?

When the landscaping to-do list seems overwhelming, choose what to DIY and what to leave to Whitten Landscaping. It’s only early March, but were already seeing spring bulbs starting to show and lawns are beginning to green. After last winter’s epic amounts of snow, were certainly not complaining! When it comes to caring for your Read More

Minor Landscaping Projects Can Make a Major Impact

When it comes to landscaping projects, the old ‘Go big or go home’ adage doesn’t necessarily apply. With proper planning, which considers both functionality and aesthetics, a small project – one that can be completed in a minimal amount of time and without a massive budget – can completely transform the way you use your Read More

Perennial Favorites: Choosing Plants to Create Color All Season Long

Perennials, plants that come up each year, are a great option for any garden. While the initial investment is higher than annuals – a good-sized annual flower may cost $5.00 vs. a perennial at $15.00 – after just a few years, perennials are the more cost-effective choice. Not only do they bloom every year, they’ll Read More

The Great Landscaping Debate: Natural Stone vs. Pavers

The term ‘hardscaping’ was coined in recent years to denote the permanent elements, typically some type of stone, used in landscaping. When it comes to available hardscaping materials there are two overall choices; natural stone and manmade pavers. Pavers are much like bricks. While a brick is made primarily of clay or sand, the primary Read More

Tips for Low-Maintenance Cape Cod Landscape

There are people who absolutely love working in the garden and there are others who think ‘Who wants to play with dirt? I want to enjoy my yard, not work in it!’ If you’re decidedly in the latter group, a low-maintenance landscape is the way to go. The trick to having a beautiful Cape Cod Read More